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Maybe you haven’t been to church in awhile, maybe you went last Sunday, or this is totally new for you.  Whatever the case may be, we are just thankful that you are here! Whenever we gather, we all come dressed comfortably. Some of us come in jeans and t-shirts, others enjoy dressing up, and yet others might come in their fishing gear, ready to head out as soon as we depart. Just come as you are!  


During Covid19, we are meeting in one of two ways on Sundays. We are gathering outside of people’s homes on the lawn or in their garage, or we are meeting online with a Zoom Link. Current Covid19 conditions determine our way of gathering and can change. Please click the connect button below to be contacted with our current structure, directions or a link will be shared.  


Prior to Covid19, we were gathering in homes, and will continue that once it is safe.  No matter how we gather, we stream a message from Embrace Church, whom we participate as one of their Network Churches. Check out our GROW page for other ways to connect as well.

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